It’s The Simple Things that Keep Us Going

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Moving Forewords is a play on words… a space for thought… a life philosophy. It means a few things all at once. But taken as a whole, it refers to the everyday things we see, say and do in order to carry on. After all…

It’s the simple things that keep us going.

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(…Spelled out…)

  1. Moving Forwards. (v.) – Moving on, taking steps, going ahead or making progress. As Henry David Thoreau said so wisely: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…”
  2. Moving For Words. (prep.) – Walking the walk in order to talk the talk. Making strides, taking action, and not overthinking it. Think Nike, when they told us to “Just Do It”.
  3. Moving Forewords. (n.) – New, inspirational beginnings. Starting fresh in a meaningful way, and finding the words that move you in the process. Think of it as… embarking on a journey, as told in the foreword of your own life’s book.


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(…Or in my case, in a few paragraphs. A blog post, if you will.)

My blog posts will often start with one-word action verbs and evocative images that demonstrate how I’m moving forwards from what I’ve been through – i.e. the little ways that I take my steps to live my everyday life. I’ll describe how I’m moving for words… what exactly I’m doing and how it helps me clear my mind, or in many cases make me more mindful. And finally, I’ll share some moving forewords – some thoughts or words that are moving to me. And yes… I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

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