I wrote I Am Yours as a love letterof comfort and strength for survivors of trauma of any kind, and as a call to action to our allies, an invitation for their empathy, so that we may join together to heal and evolve as a human family. I wrote I Am Yours to provide the words of love and solidarity I wish others had known to give me when I was bullied as a brown kid in school, when I was battling anorexia as a teenager, when I was stalked by a predator at age 18, when I immigrated to the States by myself, when I was raped at 23 or going through an abusive marriage at 26. I wrote I Am Yours so that years from now, my daughters and granddaughters and great granddaughters will not have to weep over the same wounds that made my mother and I cry. I wrote I Am Yours because every time I publish or speak a word, another human being hears that their story matters. That they too deserve love, kindness. and respect. That they too, you too, me too, we too, we are all vital voices in a connective, collective roar.

I created Love Letter Mondays for the identical reasons. I Am Yours is a book-length offering of love. Love Letter Mondays is written with the same voice and intentions. After Trump was elected and the #MeToo movement came into our lives, in early 2018, I  began feeling that it was necessary to create a soft space for us all to rest our hearts, remember our power, and rejuvenate our energy before a long week. I knew I Am Yours was going to be published in early 2019 but the call for love and the to love are things that require immediate action. Thus, in spring 2018, Love Letter Mondays was born. The weekly series has created an astonishing online community of kindred souls. We are proof that radical vulnerability and authenticity are be empowering and invigorating. In a world full of corrupt politics, systemic wounds, and growing disconnection, I wanted to create something pure yet fiery and audacious. A riotous roar of love. It appears that these love letters are a balm and a community that so many of us have been craving. I’m daily humbled by the depth of connection and conversation the letters have brought to life. We are love in motion.