Mindfulness and meditation are key practices that have furthered me along on my Moving Forewords journey. And though they can be described in many ways, they’re perhaps best thought of as learning how to truly listen to yourself and the world around you. On that note, I’m pleased to introduce my next guest blogger, Karen Newell.

After a 28-year career in technology and online media, Karen co-founded Sacred Acoustics – an innovator in the emerging field of “brain wave entrainment“. These types of audio recordings support listeners in meditation and in reaching expanded states of awareness. (Stay tuned below – *pun intended* – for a free soundtrack!) Through workshops presented with Dr. Eben Alexander (author of “Proof of Heaven“), Karen helps others engage with their consciousness in order to connect to inner guidance, enhance self awareness, improve wellness, and much more. Here she is now, on the importance of “listening“…


In the quest to find inner peace it can be challenging to maintain the necessary stillness. Our typical ongoing mind chatter is a constant reminder of the stresses in our lives, often expressed as worry about the future, anxiety about past events, or doubt in our ability to succeed. Yet there is an internal voice of calmness that can rise out of the commotion. One only needs to tune in and listen.

Ironically, sound can play an unexpected role in helping us to quiet the mind. Certain sounds assist in settling constant thoughts, allowing the listener to develop the inner observer, the part of us that notices the thoughts. By expanding our awareness, we can access this more neutral part of our self that is less caught up in our daily dramas.

Sound has been used for millennia for this purpose. For example, acoustics research performed in the Great Pyramid of Giza reveals that the builders deliberately included features which created specific resonances that are associated with predominant brain wave frequencies present during transcendental meditative and dream states. Initiates of Egyptian mystery schools would connect with the spiritual realm from within the Great Pyramid and then emerge with profound insights and personal knowing of the other side. More modern visitors who spend time inside the Great Pyramid report mystical experiences when toning vocal chants and other sounds.

Many of the magnificently constructed medieval cathedrals around the world are known for their acoustical qualities, allowing for organ music and choral hymns to resonate with the building’s structure to provide an uplifting spiritual experience to those in attendance. Gregorian chants are particularly powerful when performed in such acoustically tuned structures as they assist listeners and vocalists alike to connect more personally to the Divine.

Tuning forks, brass bowls, didgeridoos and gongs remain effective tools in our modern world that many have employed for similar purposes. However, an incredibly powerful technique to harness the power of sound is through brain wave entrainment technology that incorporates binaural beats, isochronic tones and other sound effects.

By harmonically blending digital frequencies and other sounds in specific formulas and patterns, Sacred Acoustics creates recordings designed to bring the brain to a calmer state. Simply put, the tones alter brain wave rhythms from normal waking consciousness to those associated with deep meditation, providing the listener with a supportive boost in achieving such states.

Once in an expanded state, listeners report a wide variety of beneficial effects. Mind chatter is often reduced, allowing the inner observer to access intuitive guidance, creative inspiration or improved health. Others are pleased simply to achieve a better night’s sleep. Many find the objectivity of the inner observer offers fresh perspectives and insight on frustrating problems.

Such states can also induce unexpected emotions or different body sensations. Often associated with releasing past trauma, each reaction offers an opportunity to observe and learn from our own body and energetic system. Incorporating active intention, breathing patterns, mantras or other spiritual practices to your listening sessions will yield further results.

Ultimately, attunement to the internal voice beyond the incessant chatter provides a basis for opening to universal wisdom. Such understanding is available to us all, we must first develop a method to access it and listen.



A big thanks to Karen for her insight, and also for offering a free download to readers and listeners everywhere. With its calming music and quiet ‘Om’s’, I often use this very track for my own meditation. I invite you to join me in doing the same. Be sure to comment below with your thoughts and experiences. I know both Karen and I would love to hear from you! You can also connect with Karen on Twitter and Facebook.

Also a big thanks to Valerie Sargent with The Fig Leaf for her beautiful artwork featured in the image above, also titled “Listen.”

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