I’m often reminded of how small our world truly is… A few months ago, I shared a post on the importance of finding gratitude, and used a quote from a woman who had miraculously survived a terror attack in Kenya’s Westgate mall in 2013. Her name was Margie, and she spoke about the importance of “emanating love.” She said that if we close our eyes and breathe out a deep feeling of love around the world, we will connect with others across the globe who do the same; and like a “network of bright light”, together we’d be able to “change the frequency of people’s thoughts and hearts.”

All I knew about Margie was that she had an incredible survival story and a beautiful way with words. But to me, she was just a stranger. Until the next day, of course, when I learned about our shared connection with a close friend of mine who lives in Margie’s home country of South Africa. And if that wasn’t enough of a coincidence, I also learned that now, Margie lives in my very own hometown here in the U.S.

By using Margie’s very idea, my own thoughts of love did spread across the globe. And then, they came right back home to me, lighting up my world again. I’m delighted to now call Margie a friend, and also thrilled to bring to you some additional thoughts of hers on the power of love today, on Valentine’s Day:

margieLove is a word that I used to feel was over-commercialized. I felt irritated seeing hearts and “LOVE” printed everywhere. Love seemed so childish – more like an overdue infatuation with Hello Kitty and My Little Pony.

That was until … love literally took my breathe away. Until it led me to see life from an entirely different perspective. Not emotional, romantic love. But rather a very real awareness of the power to experience healing and peace. A deep sense of goodness, caring, and commitment, and a respect of all living things.

[Read more about Margie’s survival story.]

When I hear or think of the word love now, I immediately imagine bright, luminescent, white light. Healing light that is so powerful it can literally transform what it touches. It often feels as though it has taken me into a whole new life, even as though I’m in a new dimension. A place that allows me to explore, playfully yet also intentionally, how to weave the power of this newly discovered love into my life. It feels magical, like a secret tool that I have been entrusted with.

When I sit with my adorable two little boys, or even with clients at work, and I feel frustration and animosity, or even fear and vulnerability, I just imagine the bright, white luminescent light flowing from my heart to theirs. The change is almost instant and truly powerful. The whole room seems to change. The power of love truly takes my breath away.

The word I once thought to be frivolous, I now understand to be super charged. It’s in all of us, waiting to be hatched, to flow, to empower, to heal.

On past Valentine’s, under my previous notion of “love“, I used to get either a strong sense of happy romance or sad loneliness. This year, I’m thinking differently, and it’s changing my world: I’m excited to draw on my secret tool. Excited to unleash the power of love – to let it envelop the earth, to connect with others’ frequencies, and let our inner light playfully intertwine. Together, I know we can generate a higher and higher vibration. Together, we can make it easier for others to access, to feel and participate in the awesome power of what I now know to be that real love. Far above the Hello Kitties and My Little Ponies; beyond the red hearts and romance. And not just today, but all days.

Love and Light,



Thank you, Margie, for lending your beautiful voice and kind words. <3

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