Dear writers, readers, and those who do both,

Welcome to the first episode of our Soapbox Series! These short videos will feature thoughts and musings on life (often as they relate to writing) from members of the Moving Forewords collective. Think: TEDx talks, but for memoir writers and other introspective types, and brought to you from the comfort of our own homes. While writing is our typical mode, the Soapbox Series presents the opportunity for us to engage with you in a visual and spoken format. We’re coming to you here as humans: imperfect and unfiltered. Sit down, get cozy, and let’s have a quick, thought-provoking chat.

Today, Dana Mich kicks off the first episode of the Soapbox Series with some thoughts on the “Silver Rule”. (FYI, it’s not what Wiktionary has in mind.) The Silver Rule, as she shares below, is the Golden Rule’s true inverse. It’s for those who exude kindness to others without thought or effort, yet who often forget to extend the same kindness to themselves. Watch the video below for more, and today, remember to be a friend to yourself. Try treating yourself the way you’d wish for others to be treated.


Dana’s thoughts are brought to you, in part, thanks to Lisa Jakub‘s  Embrace Your Weird workshop where she first learned about the concept of The Second Arrow, and to Ada Limon, whose poem “The Other Wish” (her anthem for the Silver Rule) can be found here, from her book of poetry, Bright Dead Things.