Why Memoir

Ever since the birth of memoir, naysayers have reduced the genre to catharsis and its writers to navel-gazers. And as the body of literature is being populated by more women and marginalized writers, the accusations have grown louder and dismissals more frequent. It is no mystery that advocacy for the art we create is inherently feminist.

The truth we protect is this: our narratives drive connection, unmute silenced voices, and inspire self-authored lives.

From Reema Zaman: “Writing, for me, means freedom.”
From Dana Mich: “I want [women’s] self-evident truths. Their declarations of personhood.
From: Athena Dixon: “Navels gave us life”. [**Can we include our pictures with our quotes–laid out in a way to visually pop?**]

More words we love:
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…more coming soon!